Ambassadors to the National Flight Academy ,Pensacola

Ruaidhri and Mia are Never Gonna Give You Up

Warning, men and women of a nervous disposition, with a heart and or soul defect should not look directly into the eyes of Rick Astley, as these images are not suitable for television broadcast in 191 countries, or indeed gazing upon in general! This blog contains uncensored exposure to the one hit wonder, which may cause irreparable harm to the innocence of young children.
Yesterday in Pensacola a young group of AXPs ageing from 12 to 14 to the barbaric and macabre act of “rick rolling”. At approximately 21:17 yesterday evening, a shroud of terror fell upon Pensacola’s white sands. A rendition of Rick Astley’s “Never gonna give you up” could be heard o’er the comms; the very same felicitly genial bars that have plunged millions of innocent YouTubers into delirium. For the fortunate few of you who are not familiar with “Rick Rolling”, it is a form of cheap humour for a sadistic few over YouTube. It entails oneself being subjected to the horror that is Mr Astley at climatical moments during their favourite YouTube videos. The control group aboard Ambition, successfully preformed a ‘Rickroll’ on those in the cockpits under the guidance of OPSO O’ Rear.
Over the last two days, this was just one of the many incidents which successfully shattered the monochrome monotony of foreign acronyms and a tight schedule. But life aboard the ambition, especially these last two days, have been far from that! This is because it has been these last two days that have allowed our group to fully acclimatise to everything American; from the N.F.A. experience, to their world renowned southern hospitality. Acronyms such as J.I.C and J.O.C., which were once so alien to us, have become second nature recently. We hope that these feelings of familiarity are mutual among our American piers.
These last two days have been exciting and eventful to say the least! Apart from rockin’ the J.O.C., the last two days have included watching the world famous “Blue Angels” in the N.F.A.’s air field, and even attempting some (we’ll admit rather sketchy) formation flying of our own in the simulators. As we have been settling in, it has been becoming possible to attempt more and more elaborate forms of flight. The air rally we took part in over Tampa Bay was the most intricate to date. This air race stands as a testament to the opportunity the N.F.A. has given us to accelerate our learning curves; especially concerning the S.T.E.M. program. Though tomorrow will be our last full day aboard Ambition, we are sure that all that we have and will learn in the N.F.A. will have lasting effects on everyone attending it…


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