Ambassadors to the National Flight Academy ,Pensacola

Final full day on Ambition

Today at 10:30 AM, the cruise liner Tropicale crashed into an oil tanker called Gulf Sunset on the gulf of Mexico. This triggered an alarm in Ambition in which all AXP’s ran to their battle stations to try and respond to this terrible disaster.

Although, it was a simulation it felt so real being involved in this disaster. The situation escalated when we found out that OPSO O’Rear’s parents were in the cruise ship when it was hit so emotions were running high.

We continually attempted to put out the fires that had risen from the debris that was left. We used WASPs (Water Activated Support package) which are really just baking powder. We also had to try to retrieve people from the choppy waters below as a low pressure anti-cyclone moved in from the west. It was very exciting but also very nerve-racking as we tried to save 2317 passengers from the two ships.

Eventually after 10 hours of hard work, we managed to recover all passengers. Only a few were seriously injured after some dodgy piloting by our Irish AXP’s (you know who you are). As we watched the final evening entertainment provided by the AXP’s who had lost their bags and had to dance to get them back (Irish included), we reminisced about the amazing week we have had here.

All the staff here have been so good to us, and so patient with our “translations” all week. All of our chiefs from the two squadrons, Chief Kerrigan (of Irish descent), Chief Thompson and Chief King have been wonderful and have kept spirits high the whole week. OPSO O’Rear and IO Laton have been fantastic giving us the skills needed to prepare for and complete our missions. We have successfully rocked the JOC every day and have flown brilliantly with the help of everyone here.

This was an experience none of us will ever forget and the friendships we have made here will last a lifetime. In my opinion, the friendships we have formed are the thing I will take away from this trip the most. And I think every other Irish AXP will say the same.

Evan Cannon

One response

  1. Jack & William

    There would have been no casualties when the Titanic hit the iceberg if the Irish AXP S
    had been around at the time to take charge of the rescue!
    At home we have just had the first few warm days of the summer so W A S P has a totally different meaning .

    August 10, 2012 at 10:11 am

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