Ambassadors to the National Flight Academy ,Pensacola

An adventure in Pensacola,Florida by Shania Cunningham

On August 3rd a big adventure started for twelve Irish Ambassadors; from the time we took off in Ireland to the time we landed in Ireland nine days later it was all Go! Go! Go!
The first day at the (NFA) National Flight Academy (which was renamed the International Flight Academy for us) we went to Pensacola beach to have great fun and enjoy the sun! After the beach we went to do a little shopping and then RTB’ d for the evening to chill out. Sunday we got to meet our room mates and make some new friends and found out what squadron we would be in for the week. We also were taken on a small tour of Ambition. Monday morning, everyone was up at 06:30 with breakfast at 07:30 and at 08:00 we got to practise planning missions and also had some time to practice our flying skills on the simulators. We learned how to fly our assigned Triad for our missions during the week. When we were flying we had a flight buddy; my buddy was an American girl called Brianna who was really nice. The rest of the week was hectic; planning missions in the J.I.C, controlling triads from the J.O.C and flying some of our big missions in the simulators. Here are just some of the missions we flew during the week : The Tampa Air Rally, day and night heats, ship rescues, time trials and much more. During the week we also got to do some fun things outside Ambition. We visited the National Aviation Museum and while we were there we saw The Magic Of Flight in the IMAX theatre. We visited the Rescue Swimmer school, Air Traffic Control and the Blue Angels show. It was so cool
Who would have thought S.T.E.M is so much fun…It was a mind blowing experience.!! 🙂
Shania Cunningham. 🙂

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