Ambassadors to the National Flight Academy ,Pensacola

Flying to Florida

Flying to Florida !
Today eleven out of the twelve ambassadors met up in Dublin airport. We had to go through two sets of security and customs before we could get onto the plane.When we got onto the plane they told us what to do if there was an emergency. Then shortly after that the plane took off at around 9:30. We are flying in a Boeing 757.We have a stop over in Charlotte for eight hours and then on to Pensacola. We are meeting the twelfth ambassador in Charlotte and he is flying with us to Pensacola. We are all so jet lagged but I’m sure it will be worth it !
By Leona Larkin





Here we are in Charlotte as we wait on our final plane to Pensacola.


Thanks to Deirdre McHugh for taking these photos.

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