Ambassadors to the National Flight Academy ,Pensacola

The Programme Begins

Today we started the actual programme side of our trip. We met the other kids in our squadrons and our chiefs. We made lots of new friends and learned a lot about each other. We learned about the physics of planes and how they work. After about half an hour we learned around 106 things about planes. We went into the JOC which is the Joint operations centre. In here we learned how to talk to pilots from air traffic control centres and how to identify planes on radars. We also went into the hangar where the simulators were. These simulators were really hard to fly but we’ll get used to them. The last thing that we did today was learn how to plan missions. A lot of this is about maths but it’s really interesting. We also did interviews about our time here and how we were accepted to participate in the programme. I was really nervous when I did mine but I enjoyed it as well.
-Iarla Muldoon.



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